Upload Game Films

Here’s how to upload films:

  1. Click on Schedule located on the top navigation bar.
  2. Start by adding a new event to your schedule.
  3. Enter your Name, Opponent, Date and if it was a home game.
  4. Now click, Add Event.

  5. Click on "Show Details"
  6. Now you need to create a game film instance. Click on either Add Game Film or Add Practice Film and enter the game film Name, Opponent, Date and if it's a Home game. Once all information is entered click Save Game Film.
  7. Click on a game film, linked in red, from your list of game/practice films listed. From here you will be able to start loading singular or multiple video files per instance.
  8. Now use the Select Files button to choose a video file to upload. You have the option to select multiple files.
  9. Now press the Upload button.
    These videos files will be upload and added to a queue to be encoded for the best optimization for web presentation. Once this is completed your videos will be ready to view.

    Your video file must be under 1GB in size, and the types are limited to:
    .m4v .mpeg .mpg
    .mpe .mov .ra
    .m1s .qt .ram
    .mpa .asf .rmvb
    .mp2 .asx .mp4
    .m2a .wmv .3gp
    .mp2v .wma .ogm
    .m2v .wmx .mkv
    .m2s .real .vob
    .avi .rm  

If you have any further questions or issues loading your files please submit a ticket to our support team!

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