Create A Player Account

You can join Game Film 360 in just 5 easy steps! Here's how:

  1. Click on the Sign Up button located at the top right corner of the home page

  2. You'll have an option to select your role. Click on I Am a Player. 

  3. Fill out your Account Information and click Create Account (We recommend using a valid and current email address as this is what we will utilize to communicate through our Support Portal).

  4. Fill out your Athletic Profile next! 
    • Click on Metric or Imperial depending upon your measurement preferences.

    • Fill out your height, weight, and sport(s).
    • Click Continue once you've completed the form.


  5. Now you can select your Team!
    • Select the Sport your team plays.
    • Type in your Team Name or School Name. 

    • Click on Search.

    • This will pull up the teams or schools that match!

    • Check the circle of the correct one and click Select. 

    • This will send a Request to Join to your coach. Once he/she approves, you'll be added to the Team Roster

You're all set! Click here to log into your account! 





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