Bookmark Your Videos

Bookmarking allows you divide your videos into different chapters, making it easy to re-watch different plays without having to re-watch the entire game film. By bookmarking your video, you can easily label and reference different plays, highlights, or game statistics. 

IMPORTANT: You must have a preset in place in order to record bookmarks. To see how to change your bookmark settings/presets, please click here.

To bookmark different clips of your game film, follow these steps:

  1. Press the play button on your Game Film, find the section you would like to bookmark, and then begin recording by clicking Record Bookmark.
  2. When you want to end your bookmark click Stop Recording.
  3. Your new bookmark will appear below the video in the Bookmarks box.
  4. Click on the empty boxes to add details to your Game Film!
    Note: There is no limit to how many bookmarks you can record per Game Film !

To learn how to change your Bookmark settings click here!

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