What Happened To The Old Gamefilm360 Site?

Gamefilm360 has upgraded its site! We've listened to you and made some exciting changes. 

Whats New?

-With our now re-vamped site, users no longer have to login to multiple portals to access their different sports teams. Your entire team is in one place. GameFilm360 levels the playing field, allowing you to bring your entire team to top recruiters both effectively and cost efficiently. Level the playing field.

-Track, evaluate and test performance. Our new video technology allows coaches to see improvement over time, focus in on specific plays, and show players exactly what they are doing.

-GameFilm360 takes it one step further by allowing you to archive your team game films on the cloud. This allows you, or anyone you choose, to have instant access to both current and past game films.

-Encoding made easy! We automatically take your video and convert it to the appropriate needed file types making it easier than ever to load your players games to the web.

Can I get access to my old videos?

Gamefilm360 notified all current users of the migration process. If you did not migrate your films over they will not automatically transfer to the new site. 

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